Creating a positive change in the world through Art

We believe art is a powerful catalyst for a positive change in the world, and we encourage people of all ages and walks of life to practice visual art, develop their creativity and aesthetics so they can improve their lives and the world around them. This is our goal.



Our Mission

Our mission is to create a positive change in the world through art, by advancing arts and culture, encouraging and educating individuals about art, engaging businesses and our community and spreading awareness about the beneficial and healing impact of practising visual art and the positive effects of developing and applying aesthetic skills to our daily lives. We want to make art accessible to everyone.


together we can achieve so much more


we create a culture of belonging


share our knowledge with others

Our Story

Culture Cue is a not for profit organisation dedicated to advancing art and culture through education. We believe that beauty will save the world, but first, everything must start from an individual. That is why we empower all to foster their creativity and aesthetics, which in turn improves their wellbeing and environment.  We are a small nonprofit organisation making big changes in the lives of people we help.

How You Can Help

Together we are stronger – we believe in the power of acting as a collective and encourage you to get involved:


Become a catalyst for change – we place a high value on community involvement.  As a volunteer, you can donate your time and talents in many ways to make a difference in the lives of people who participate in our programs. 


We are a nonprofit organisation dedicated to the advancement of art and culture through education and collaboration. By becoming an official member of our organisation you show your support to our cause.


Your donation enables the cycle of giving, supporting our art studio in various ways: art materials and equipment, time and development of our community programs, our events and workshops. 

Our Programs and Projects: 

Our aim is to advance art and culture, improve wellbeing of everyone through practicing art, support living artists and allow them to share their passion and knowledge through education and collaboration, and so we offer and engage in a variety of cultural and artistic programs, projects and events:

ART retreats & EVENTS

If you are a professional artist, or just love practice art, you might be interested in one of our art retreats or events. These events are designed to promote creativity and be inspired in a collaborative environment.



Practising art has many benefits, both mental and physiological. Practicing art on a regular basis helps to fend off mental decline in aging adults, improves self-esteem in children and fights depression!



We offer art lessons for everyone who wishes to learn how to draw and paint. Our art classes are open to people of all ages, kids, teenagers and adults – because you are never too young or too old to start learning!


The Art Space Project

Art needs a home! One of our goals is to open a one of a kind art space that acts as an art school as well as an artists studio where living artists can practice their art as well as pass their knowledge onto others.


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Reducing Stress Through Art

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Art is Good For Your Brain

Art is Good For Your Brain

Making art is an incredibly powerful way to treat and prevent depression, improve self-esteem, cope with stress and prevent cognitive decline – scientist all agree. For example, a study from the Research Center for Arts and Culture (RCAC) found that artists...

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Be brave – be an artist

Join us – together we can accomplish so much more!



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