Our Vision, Mission and Core Values

we believe Art is a powerful catalyst for creating a positive change in the world

Our Vision

Creating a positive change in the world through Art. At Culture Cuewe believe Art is a powerful catalyst for creating a positive change in the world, and we encourage people of all ages and walks of life to practice visual Art, develop their creativity and aesthetics so they can improve their lives and the world around them.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create positive change in the world through visual Art, by empowering individuals to reach their full creative potential, by advancing arts and culture, by encouraging and educating people of all ages and walks of life, promoting a culture of collaboration and innovation by engaging businesses and our community, by spreading awareness about the beneficial effects of practising creative arts and the positive impact of developing and applying aesthetic skills to our daily lives. We want to make art accessible to everyone.

Our Core Values

Empower individuals to reach their full potential

Passion – acting from the heart

Integrity – the courage to be real

Creativity – freedom to explore ideas


Collaboration – together we can achieve so much more

Unity – we create a culture of belonging

Education – share our knowledge with others

Our People

Our people are our lifeblood – without their passion and dedication, Culture Cue as an organisation would not exist. They dedicate their skills, share their knowledge and their time to further our cause – to advance art and culture. 

Veronica Varetsa

Veronica Varetsa

Director and Founder

Veronica is an award-winning sculptor and graphic designer. She also runs her creative company that helps nonprofit organisations and small businesses with marketing and design.

Lilia Varetsa

Lilia Varetsa

Director and Art Mentor

Lilia is an award-winning artist, photographer, sculptor, children’s book illustrator, interior designer, activist and art mentor – she is a passionate advocate of creative arts and culture.

Valentin Varetsa

Valentin Varetsa

Director and Art Mentor

Valentin is a very talented award-winning artist and a former university professor. He has dedicated his life to practising visual art and loves sharing his knowledge with others.

Together We Can Achieve So Much More

With Your Help We Can Thrive

Become a Part of a Great Cause

Our Story

Culture Cue is a not for profit organisation dedicated to advancing art and culture through education and artistic collaboration. We believe that beauty will save the world, but first, everything must start from an individual. That is why we empower all to foster their creativity and aesthetics, which in turn improves their wellbeing and environment.  We are a small nonprofit organisation making big changes in the lives of people we help.

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